Shimano Beastmaster AX 1600m package



  • Pole Pack version for compatible Gen X kits
  • HPC300 Carbon with addition of Biofibre
  • 6 x Top 2 Gen-X Power EV Kit
  • 1 x Top 2 Gen-X EV Cupping Kit
  • Elastic rating 20
  • Super-Slik
  • Shimano Alignment System
  • Reinforced Joint System
  • Aero Joint System
  • Transport Length: 185cm
  • Developed on the Gen X mandrel for compatibility, but with additional power incorporated throughout the pole, the Beastmaster Commercial pole can cope with the largest day ticket water carp. Whether it is the first choice all rounder, or an interchangeable back up pole for one of the higher models of the Gen X range, this pole is one of the most manageable and strongest poles in its class. The Beastmaster 16m Pole Pack is supplied with 6 top 2 Gen-X Power EV Kit. 1 top 2 Gen-X EV Cupping Kit.

    Geofibre: Although the top-end technologies often make the most headlined, we fully recognise that the majority of anglers cannot afford or justify the spend on top-end products. And that is why we are so exited about Geofibre. A naturally derived component delivering high rigidity, high compression strength and high tensile strength to rods in the lower to middle-price band. Shimano rods powered by Geofibre raise performance levels to a new high.

    High Pressure Carbon: During the heating process of any rod or pole the resin can be pushed to the surface of the blank which may cause an uneven distribution, resulting in weak spots. With High Pressure Carbon (HPC), pressure is applied to the blank during the heating process, forcing the resin to remain inside and ensuring an even spread. The result is amazing, creating a blank which can be up to 40% stronger than blanks made without HPC.

    Super Slik: The perfect matt finish for a pole. The silky smooth surface makes it easier to ship the sections of your pole. Because there is no sanding process involved , the carbon fibres stay intact and no matt paint is needed, therefore saving weight. In this process a layer is formed on the outer surface, which protects the fibres from damage when scratched.

    Shimano Alignment System (SAS): is a system to optimise the pole action. During production, the backbone of each section is found and marked. When assembled according to the SAS marks, you get a stiffer performance.

    Aero-Joint: Through the application of a unique high grade of carbon, that is lighter yet more resistant to wear and tear than normal woven carbon, Aero Joint boosts the speed of unshipping, reduced the chance of the joint sticking, especially in the wet, and reduced the chance of damage.

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