shimano Beastmaster B 850 Pole Margin



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  • XT60 Biofibre Powered Carbon
  • Rated To 20s Elastic
  • SafetyZone
  • Ultra Sound Sanding System
  • S.A.S. Shimano Alignment System
  • Reinforced Joint System
  • Length: 8.5m / 28FT
  • Transpor Length: 162cm
  • Number of Sections: 6 + 2
  • Weight: 478g
  • Supplied with a spare top 2 power kit
  • Includes Competition Holdall
  • Shimano BeastMaster Margin 8.5M Pole Package,

    Shimano believes that if you’re confident in both your ability as an anglers and the kit you’re reliant on, it follows to assume that you will be landing more catches and winning more matches. The original BeastMaster range was considered by prominent match anglers to be one of the more durable and resilient pole ranges on the market, and many anglers credit the BeastMaster with their match successes.

    The new BeastMaster series builds on that power base further. Incorporating features from the All Round XTB Pro, the Big-Fish XTB, and the Tried and Trusted Margin, in addition to other groundbreaking features, the BeastMaster Margin Pole Package represents some of the best Shimano can offer.

    Shimano’s ‘SafetyZone’ technology gives the rod incredible strength. Based on bamboo, the SafetyZone is constructed from conical bands, and improves the compression strength in the areas of the pole that receive the most stress when landing a fish.

    Shimano’s ‘Ultra Sound Sanding System’, originally developed for the Technium pole, is a unique feature that results in a silky smooth finish, with frictionless shipping and unshipping whether in hot or damp conditions. The Ultra Sound Sanding System also provides great grip for playing fish and breaking down sections.

    Shimano’s Alignment System optimises the rod action. By marking the backbone of each section during the production process, the final result is a rod with the stiffest possible alignment. The reinforced joint system works in tandem with this, giving a smooth moving finish.

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